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Submission Guidelines

Case Presentations on the ISOI website should include the following:
Aim / Objective / Purpose
Materials and Methods
Case Report

The above mentioned points should be included in each case presentation to bring about a uniformity in the cases that will be posted on the website.
Acceptance of a case to be posted on the ISOI website will be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee of the ISOI.
High resolution pictures should be submitted in Jpeg / Bmp / Gif format.
All photographs will be stamped with a watermark to prevent picture theft.
Cases may include surgical, prosthetic or laboratory procedures.
Due acknowledgement should be given to the Dental Surgeon, Prosthodontist & Laboratory involved with the case that is being presented.
The entire case presentation should not exceed 500 words.
Case reports once submitted to the ISOI, become the property of the ISOI and hence further presentation or publishing elsewhere is not allowed.
If the case presentation is found to be of suitable quality for publishing, the ISOI may decide to publish the same in the ISOI journal.
Strict action will be taken if it is found that stolen pictures or fake case has been presented.
Scanned photographs of cases from text books, any printed media or previously published cases in any media should not be submitted. However, if they need to be submitted, due acknowledgement to the original author (with permission if required) is necessary.

Submit your cases by E-mail to : Cases will be published after approval.