Programs And Research

Requirements for Diplomate
  • Should be an ISOI Fellow member before applying for Diplomateship.
  • Application fee is Rs.10000/- (for outstation cheques add Rs.50/-) for Indian Member and US $ 600 for Overseas Member. This fee is a non-refundable fee.
  • Cheques/Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of "ISOI-ACCREDITATION FUND" only.
  • Use ONLY the PowerPoint template provided, for case presentations.
  • Completed application form  and fees are to be sent to the Secretariat Office of the ISOI.   PowerPoint presentation should be sent by email through the application ‘Dropbox’ only .
  • Diplomateship may be earned through fulfillment of 100 implant cases ( not 100 implants) with 1 year of clinical and radiographic follow-up
Requirements for Documentation
  • Documentation should cover a diversity of cases like single tooth restoration, multiple teeth restorations, distal-extension restoration and should include at least 10 cases of full arch restorations, both removable and fixed.
  • The applicant should include use of more than one implant design for rehabilitating patients.
  • Documentation should include cases of bone manipulation such as bone splitting, bone augmentation etc.
  • The applicant should also have some paper presentation or publication to his credit- proof of this is to be shown.
  • Specific presentation details similar to those of Fellowship.

LAST DATE for application: Sixty (60) days prior to commencement of the ISOI National Conference.

The accreditation committee will scrutinize the application received after the last date of application ( 60 days prior to the conference ), after which the ISOI office will communicate with all the applicants regarding the outcome.

ISOI Accrediation Guidelines
  • Eligibility: Applicant should be an ISOI Member for at least one year standing.
  • Fees and payment: Application fee is Rs.5000/- for Indian Member (for outstation cheques add Rs.50/-) and US $ 300 for Overseas Member. This fee is a non-refundable fee. Cheques/Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of "ISOI ACCREDITATION FUND" only.
  • Application Procedure: Completed application form  and fees are to be sent to the "Secretariat Office of the ISOI.” 
  • Use ONLY the PowerPoint template provided, for case
  • presentations. PowerPoint presentation should be sent by email through the application ‘Dropbox’ only.
  • The cases in the PPT template format to be sent to the ISOI SECRETARY ADDRESS.
  • Requirement: 10 implant cases (not 10 implants) with 1 year of clinical and radiographic follow-up have to be submitted for consideration by the Executive Committee of ISOI
  • For specific presentation details visit “ISOI fellowship template.pdf"

LAST DATE for application as per requirements : Sixty (60) days prior to commencement of the ISOI National Conference.

Indian Society of Oral Implantologists (ISOI) supports research aimed at enhancing the understanding of the factors and innovations to better the outcomes of implant dentistry for the benefit of the patients. ISOI believes that

research in India will provide impetus to innovations in implant dentistry. Investigators and clinicians from any discipline can avail of the grants provided they fulfill the requirements as laid down in the links below.

Information for the Prospective Applicants for ISOI Grant

Mission of ISOI is to promote and offer  knowledge on all aspects of implant dentistry through education and research for the benefit of the patient.


To provide limited support for holistic research projects (preclinical and clinical) in implant dentistry and related aspects which include, but are not limited to, the following purposes:

  • To conduct pilot study/ actual venture researches
  • To develop and test new techniques and procedures.
  • To carry out a small clinical or animal research project.
  • To analyze existing data.


Any independent or institute based investigator/s from any scientific discipline and at any stage of their career in India may apply for a grant. The principal investigator is responsible for the design and execution of the research project and conducts them under Indian ethical and legal requirements. Ethical and legal confirmation has to be obtained by the applicant at the time of application.

Expectations from the Grantee

  • The results of these projects are expected to be published in ISOI journal or any indexed and respected journal with appropriate acknowledgment and credit to ISOI so as to benefit other clinicians globally and ultimately the patients. Credit should also be mentioned when the results are used in posters, websites, press release and other media.
  • ISOI may also invite and expect the investigator to present the study results at any ISOI forum.
  • In case of the research resulting in property rights in any inventions, discoveries or improvements (in part or full), ISOI reserves part ownership in the intellectual property rights. This allows for resource buildups for funding future research programs on larger scale.

Terms and Conditions

  • All applications should be made electronically to The Secretary, ISOI at /
  • All questions/ inquiries to be directed to The Secretary, ISOI at /
  • Applications received by November 30 of the year will be considered for the grants for the coming 12 months. The Grant Awarding Committee will scrutinize these for their eligibility.
  • The research study should begin at least within three months of application for the grant.
  • The first installment will be released after three months on studying the progress of the project.
  • The status of the project should be sent every four months for appraisals so that further disbursement of the grant amount cane done. As a general policy grants will be sent to a special account maintained for research.

Terms and Conditions of the Award

The grant for the proposed project will have the following:

  • The aims must be distinctly different from those of pending grant applications.
  • It can be in addition to other grants subject to total grants not exceeding the total cost of the project. Sources of other funding need to be disclosed.
  • Grants will be maximum upto 30% of total cost or Rs. 50,000/- whichever is higher. The committee will decide the quantum of grant amount.
  • Only one grant for one project
  • Grants to be disbursed after 3 months of approval of grants and to be disbursed in time-period installments. The final10% of the grant will be given on receipt of the final results.
  • Project to be finished in 18 months. Additional time will be granted on appraisal of request for increased time
  • If any significant changes are made to the original grant approved applications, ISOI must be notified and it reserves the right to terminate the grant if the changes are deemed inappropriate. 
  • The Committee reserves the right to award, refusal and discontinuation of grant.

Allowable Expenses

Support may be requested for the following categories:

  • Supplies and scientific literature
  • Small items of equipment. The purchase of large pieces of equipment / office paces will not be allowed.
  • Indirect cost is not allowed. 

Unspent funds should be returned to ISOI account to allow funding for other research projects.

Submission Guidelines

Case Presentations on the ISOI website should include the following:

  • Aim / Objective / Purpose
  • Materials and Methods
  • Case Report
  • Discussion
  • Results
  • Conclusion

The above mentioned points should be included in each case presentation to bring about a uniformity in the cases that will be posted on the website.

Acceptance of a case to be posted on the ISOI website will be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee of the ISOI.

High resolution pictures should be submitted in Jpeg / Bmp / Gif format.

All photographs will be stamped with a watermark to prevent picture theft.

Cases may include surgical, prosthetic or laboratory procedures.

Due acknowledgement should be given to the Dental Surgeon, Prosthodontist & Laboratory involved with the case that is being presented.

The entire case presentation should not exceed 500 words.

Case reports once submitted to the ISOI, become the property of the ISOI and hence further presentation or publishing elsewhere is not allowed.

If the case presentation is found to be of suitable quality for publishing, the ISOI may decide to publish the same in the ISOI journal.

Strict action will be taken if it is found that stolen pictures or fake case has been presented.

Scanned photographs of cases from text books, any printed media or previously published cases in any media should not be submitted. However, if they need to be submitted, due acknowledgement to the original author (with permission if required) is necessary.

Submit your cases by E-mail to : Cases will be published after approval.

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