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ISOI is the premier n most prestigious implant body of INDIA. ACCREDITATION with ISOI is a coveted program to enhance and accredit the skill of an IMPLANTOLOGIST so as to ensure he/she has complete knowledge of the subject.

A Fellowship with ISOI is the entry level of case documentations and execution to deliver the most ideal treatment to a patient.

ISOI ACCREDITATION body ensures every candidate who has cleared this ACCREDITATION has followed the protocols for a successful treatment as per scientific guidelines.

Mastership is the second level accreditation which ensures the candidate is continuing the set protocols in a volume of patients and also ensures the candidate can showcase the skill in various aspects of Implant dentistry.

Diplomate of the ISOI is the most coveted ACCREDITATION in which every applying candidate has showcased his/her complete skills required to be a successful IMPLANTOLOGIST for over 100+ cases with a followup for over an year.

A presentation of variety of cases under the umbrella of IMPLANTOLOGY if approved is followed by a viva examination in the field of IMPLANTOLOGY to make sure the successful candidate has a thorough knowledge of the subject.

We encourage all dentists pursuing IMPLANTOLOGY to become a member and apply for the ACCREDITATION programs.

ISOI is in process to setup a ISOI directory of accredited dentists on their patient website soon. This will enable patients to directly connect with ISOI accredited dentist in their pincode search.

ISOI News & Updates


17th - 18th, September 2022
16th September : Pre - Conference Course.


ISOI - MID Term Conference, Nasik 2022
Date: 23rd, 24th July 2022.
Pre Conference: 22nd, July 2022.


28th National Conference of ISOI
Date: 19th - 22nd January 2023.
Venue: Naivedhyam Northstar, Koradi Road, Nagpur.